Fitbit Charge 2 Review

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FitBit Charge 2


The latest addition to the FitBit line is an improvement for fitness tracking. It does everything the previous version can do: automatically track calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled, sleep and steps. Even though it has no GPS, the FitBit Charge 2 can connect to the phone to measure routes’ distances. With a display that is flexible, allowing it to be inserted into different bands, this offers a good combo of balance, comfort, and functionality.

The tracker’s rectangular displays multiple lines of information with legible letters and numbers. A downside is that the display is still monochrome and can appear faint in direct sunlight, and also leaves fingerprints on the screen. Still, controlling the Charge 2 is very easy, using the combination of tapping the screen itself or using the button on the side of the display.

There are 5 features that can be switched through: Heart Rate, Time of Day, Activities, “Relax” mode and stop watch.  The main screen display the time and the date, and fitness stats. Heart Rate allows the viewing the heart rate at work or at rest. Activities allow tapping to different exercises including running, biking, elliptical, and weights. It sets up timing the activity being done and the stats it produces. “Relax” mode is a guided breathing exercise based on the heart rate after a workout, between two to five-minute sessions, in which the breathing is matched to a contracting and expanding circle on the tracker’s display.

Fitbit’s app is still extremely reliable and the updates made with it are now better. Now, it permits user to view their cardio fitness level and estimated VO2 maximum, the most amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise. There are also a few guides on the app on improving the exercise regimen. A full battery lasts about five days and the Charge 2 is resistant mild water exposure, such as rain and sweat. It still cannot be worn in pools and showers. Besides the fitness features, the Charge 2 displays caller ID information, any calendar reminders, and text notifications if the phone is nearby. The vibrating feature on the watch signals an incoming text or phone call. Even the clock face can be chosen for the Charge 2’s displays between horizontal or vertical text layouts.

For $149.95, the Charge 2 features a stainless steel frame and a silicone band in the color of choice: black, plum, blue or teal. Like the Charge HR, the Charge 2 uses a watch-style buckle design, so it’s easy to wear discreetly as it is not bulky. With all the special features mentioned above, the Charge 2 is worth investment for the common walker or the complex fitness buff. It is affordable and not so fancy that things could be confusing. It is easy to use and is another popular watch by FitBit. You can check one out here



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